Chile's most successful online casino business awaits regulation

Preventive insulation led to the rise of an industry that was itself growing rapidly. Online casino became increasingly popular and, with the resumption of international sports tournaments, the most prosperous branch of the online gambling industry - sports betting - was revived. Thus, for example, Betway's sports betting section has aroused the interest of sports fans who find on its platform additional entertainment to football, basketball and tennis matches, among others. These sites bring together all the games that are played in the world and become the business that moves the most money in the gambling industry.

Some figuresSpain

is a reference when it comes to sports betting and sites like Betway enjoy great public acceptance there.

The online casino boom contributed to the success of sports betting, which quickly accounted for more than half of the online gambling industry's profits. In 2021 the sports betting sector grew by 25 percent over the previous year. In terms of money, this meant a net margin of more than 600 million euros. In 2021, it has achieved the same percentage growth and everything seems to indicate that it will continue to be a prosperous business.

In addition, the marketing industry benefits greatly from this new form of betting and in 2021 alone, 170 million euros were invested in advertising.

What is the situation in Chile?

Chile has not yet made any progress in regulating online gambling. The Superintendency of Gaming Casinos (SCJ) is evaluating the possibility of regulating online gambling, but there is no final decision yet. The lack of legislation establishing taxes on the profits of platforms wishing to operate in the country means that online casinos have to carry out their operations and maintain their profits in full. This is detrimental to the Chilean economy which could benefit from the additional income that these platforms can offer.

Betway is one of the most popular casinos in Chile and, without a doubt, the state could benefit from the operations it maintains in our country. Also, the regulation of online gambling will benefit players who will have more security when betting their money. At the moment nothing has been resolved, but Chilean casinos are waiting for legalization to arrive so they can face the crisis resulting from the closure of traditional establishments. The most prosperous online casino business is the section dedicated to sports betting.

Spain, a reference in the online gaming industry, shows through the growth of the casino and the amount of money generated in it that it is necessary to regulate online gambling as soon as possible. In that country alone, the industry contributes more than 600 million euros a year. Undoubtedly, Chile could benefit from the additional profits it would receive through the regulation's taxes.

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