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Sleeping well and long enough is important to ensure our health. Still, Brazilians seem to be sleeping less and less. Get to know this research. Along with other very interesting topics, such as artificial intelligence, the benefits of napping had been mentioned by Royal Vegas Online Casino in its blog some time ago, but recent studies from 2021 reveal that Brazilians are sleeping less and less.

As we know, sleep disorders are one of the severe problems of today's world, and depressive and anxiety conditions are a large part of this problem around the globe.The importance of sleep for people's well-being and health has made the Brazilian Sleep Association start a research on this subject to understand how Brazilians are sleeping.The numbers have clearly indicated that sleep in Brazil may be insufficient to guarantee people's health.Come and see the research of the Brazilian Sleep Association and its results. The

analysis of the Brazilian

Sleep Association has interviewed six thousand people to understand how the Brazilian people are sleeping. The survey concluded that there has been an increase in the number of people who have problems sleeping, the percentage has increased from 56% to 60%.This survey revealed that the average sleep time in Brazil, according to the sample used, is around 6 hours and 24 minutes.The results obtained in this survey are worrying the national researchers, since sleep is essential to ensure the health and well-being of people. The

opinions of specialistsMany

clinical specialists have expressed themselves on the number of hours of sleep in Brazilians, stating that there are several diseases and problems associated with insufficient sleep.For these specialists, although there is not a perfect number of hours of sleep, which varies according to the person, the recommended average is eight hours.Sleep deprivation can, according to these specialists, generate various problems in people, including the propensity to gain weight, severe changes in mood, changes in metabolism, loss of immunity, as well as memory problems and cardiovascular problems.According to these specialists, not getting enough sleep is something that influences all of our daily choices, including exercise routines and diet.

Our brain therefore tends to seek more energy drinks and fatty foods, these being the elements that harm, later, the functioning of the body.

Solutions to improve sleepThe

need to seek solutions to avoid this type of disorder can go through clinical means but can also be very simple and without requiring medication, as explained by sleep experts.Do not use the technological equipment directly before bedtime, consume soothing teas and infusions (such as chamomile or valerian) or simply ensure that the room is very dark can be a great help.Daily routines of soothing exercises such as yoga can also help overcome the problem, ensuring more hours sleeping and a much more repairing sleep.

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