Eating ecologically and making ends meet

In today's society there is a growing understanding of the need to take care of the diet and promote the proper functioning of the body to enjoy good health, as well as an adequate weight. On the other hand, the need to control economic expenditure and the awareness of respect for the environment are combined to give rise to an impulse to find the healthiest food, of ecological origin and that does not suppose an added expense in the shopping basket. Instead of opting for products grown in greenhouses and imported from foreign countries, with the added cost of transport and the damage this does to the natural environment, it is interesting to opt for products from the area and choose the species that are in season. In this way, you save money, respect the environment and, at the same time, gain in flavour.

Similarly, it is advisable to buy the products in sufficient quantity for a longer period of time and process them at home to obtain natural, tasty, ecological and cheaper preserves and ready-made dishes than those you buy already prepared. They will be dishes with the advantages of speed and functionality that offer the already prepared food but with better taste and no added chemical products. The key is to freeze the result in individual portions or store them under vacuum. Other interesting methods to save and improve the quality of the dietThe option of joining an organic consumer cooperative is particularly interesting.

These are groups that are currently on the rise and bring together people from the same municipality to buy organic food, eliminating the middlemen in the process. In this way you can buy directly from the farmers and gain in product quality by reducing the price and benefiting local agriculture. Thus, it is advisable to consult specific publications on food and balanced diet to learn about the best and richest organic and healthy dishes that can maintain the health of the body and the environment at the same time.

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