Winning at online blackjack with a strategy under your arm

Online blackjack is one of the favorite games of online casino enthusiasts

. Proof of that is the number of gamblers who like youtubers relate their experiences of success on the Internet. Like everything, playing with criterion, setting priorities, conditioning the game actions to well thought out tactics and strategies offers the best, a control over the projection of the game itself. And that counts, and a lot.

Key tips and recommendationsWe share some strategies that can connect any player with your expectations of success in online blackjack. They are not totally winning strategies, but they are performances that reduce the dealer's advantage. We see them: If you have a pair of aces or eights, split them. When you have two identical cards in your hand it is not always interesting to split them.

However, when you get two aces or two eights, split them. Aces together add up to 12, but if you split them you can get two times 21.For the pair of eights, this is the worst possible hand, but if you split, you have a two-fold chance of getting 18.A pair of tens would equal 20. With this, the hand would be too strong to risk splitting and getting a bad hand. Dividing a pair of sixes will also give you the worst of all possible hands.

Never bet on insurance in online blackjack. This option is to the advantage of the online casino unless the cards are counted. And yes, it is not possible to count them in blackjack online. If the dealer has a hand that includes between 4 and 6, let it blow.

However, if he has a soft hand - which means it is impossible to bust - you may choose an additional card. Never take insurance if it also totals less than or equal to 11.Double up to 10 or 11, if the total of your cards is greater than the dealer's card. If you have a total of 18, stop under any circumstances. If you have a hand in which an ace counts as one, if you have 17 stop.

But you must draw a card if the dealer's card is greater than or equal to 7 or if you have a total of 12 to 16 already in hand. If you have an ace that counts as 11, if you total 18, stop; if you have a total of 17 or less, you should draw.If your hand is 20: 92%, if your hand is 19: 85%, if your hand is 18: 77%, if your hand is 17: 69%, if your hand is 16: 62%, if your hand is 15: 58%, if your hand is 14: 46%, if your hand is 13: 39%, if your hand is 12: 31%, if your hand is 11 or less: 0%.

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